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Name:Bælik Auvreäthem
SPORTS: Volleyball

CLUBS: NHS, Bible Study, Fencing

IN SCHOOL: Baelik tends to be on the quieter side. He doesn't tend to emote very well and he internalizes a lot of what he is thinking about. When he does speak he is very articulate and well-spoken. He focuses a lot on his studies. Once you get past his kind of intimidating exterior he can actually be pretty friendly. He is a very active listener and really enjoys having engaging conversations, he is just sort of bad at starting them sometimes. He really loves music. He plays a variety of instruments, the piano being his primary instrument of choice. He composes his own music most of the time and is very, very shy about sharing it with anyone. He tends to wait until everyone has left the choir/band room before he sneaks in and practices. He is also pretty athletic. He really loves sports and sword-play.

OUT OF SCHOOL: He spends a lot of time with his younger siblings. He tends to try and take them out to do things because his parents are really controlling and he doesn't like his siblings being exposed to that sort of behavior. Because his father is a politician he goes to a lot of public events (parties, speeches, dinners, etc.) He is very polite and courteous to his fathers coworkers and friends. His relationship with his mother is strained at best. When he doesn't need to take care of his siblings he does a lot of volunteer work of various kinds. He views it as his own personal responsibility to help those less fortunate than he is because he has the means.

OTHERS: He is actually sort of awkward about physical contact because he really isn't used to people touching him. Physical affection isn't really something that he has been exposed to.
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